Ventilation systems play a decisive role in all branches of industry in order to remove vapors and exhaust air from production facilities as well as factories and warehouses and to replace them with fresh air.

With a high-quality axial fan or robust pipe fans, suitable industrial fans are available for every company, which you can discover in our range in a large selection and at a fair price.

Find suitable industrial fans for all industries and companies

The size and function of the room to be ventilated play a role in the selection of industrial fans, as do the functional requirements placed on a fan. While a classic axial fan or roof fans help to carry exhaust air out of the room at a high flow rate, chimney fans can provide decentralized heating of all rooms via larger pipe systems. These functions should be used to determine whether axial or centrifugal fans with their different diameters and performance levels are more likely to be considered and whether these are to be installed directly or as duct fans in a larger ventilation system.

Our range offers suitable axial and centrifugal fans made of robust steel or durable plastic for all industrial companies. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting or installed as roof fans outdoors, fans and fans in our range also meet your requirements for heating and ventilating industrial interiors. In addition to centrifugal fans, axial models or chimney fans. You can expect additional accessories from us to automate the regulation of the chimney or the speed of the fan or simply to influence it manually. Of course, you will also find the right equipment here to add a professional pipe system to your duct fans. If you have any questions about our industrial offer, simply use our hotline!